February 21, 2023

Kurita & Waterplan

Waterplan & Kurita partnered to better measure and mitigate water risk across locations


Water is a vital resource for industrial operations, and managing water risk is crucial for companies to maintain their operations and protect the environment. Kurita, a leading Japanese provider in water solutions, collaborating with Waterplan, a SaaS platform that helps organizations measure and mitigate water risk.


As a water solution company, Kurita recognized that the company has to take the initiative in responding water risks which are increasingly changing. However conventional global datasets are coarse in terms of resolution and do not capture in a constantly updated way changes in risk in the watershed. The company needed a solution that could provide a centralized view of its water risk across all facilities in the world, monetize risk into a feasible number, and help it make informed decisions to mitigate that risk by real-time.


Kurita implemented Waterplan across their several production facilities worldwide. The platform allows the company to monitor potential water challenges in a granular and continuously updated way. Waterplan also provides Kurita with a range of tools, to quantify risk, and understand how risk changes over time, providing a deeper understanding of the interaction of the facilities with the environment, identifying risks and opportunities to mitigate them.


Since deploying Waterplan, Kurita has been able to significantly accurately assess water risk across locations. The platform's near real-time monitoring and analysis capabilities have helped the company identify water-related issues more quickly and effectively.


Kurita's collaboration with Waterplan has been a success. By using the platform to measure and mitigate water risk, the company has found an opportunity to improve its water risk measurement across production facilities worldwide. Kurita and Waterplan are now strengthening their partnership to continue to improve their water risk management capabilities. Kurita's deep understanding of water solutions coupled with Waterplan platform monitoring capabilities, constitute a key collaboration for organizations across Japan and Asia.