May 6

PAS & Waterplan

Waterplan allowed PAS to consolidate their water replenishment activities transforming raw data into manageable & visual insights

The challenge

Nature-based solutions (NBS) provide an effective means for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Current methodologies for estimating the Volumetric Water Benefits (VWBs) of projects are manual, time-consuming, based on annual estimations from historical information, and do not reflect the dynamically changing reality. Due to this, it is currently difficult for organizations to use a scalable & data-driven approach to measure the positive impact of water conservation efforts.


PAS leveraged Waterplan to consolidate all the information on the NBS projects that it is implementing with large corporations.

  Companies can then review the progress of their projects in a centralized platform, with visualizations and tracking history without the hazzle of handing the data request, updates and analysis by themselves.

“Waterplan has played a key role in the way we measure and report Nature Based Solution projects. The time to track water impact with science and technology has arrived, and we want to be a part of it.”  

Manuel Saurí, CEO & Executive Director - PAS


Proyecto Agua Segura works together with large corporations that face the challenges water poses to their businesses, their communities of influence, and the environment in which they operate. It develops, manages, and implements access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and water environmental projects that generate a positive impact on business ́operations, resource efficiency and communities.

Commitment to Sustainability

Proyecto Agua Segura has committed to achieving SDGs 6 - clean water & sanitation, 13 - climate action, and 17 - partnership for the goals, and has so far actively implemented 3.888 programs which impacted on 211.032 people and generated 176.212.000 liters of safe water.


By working with Waterplan, PAS consolidated and integrated the information of all the NBS projects into the platform.  

On top of that, other companies using Waterplan can find projects open to funding that is managed by Proyecto Agua Segura.  

Multiple alternatives can be selected and filtered according to different criteria—e.g.: priority basin, implementing partner, co-benefits, VWB.  

Once the investment is completed, the project is added to the company’s portfolio and the progress towards the target is constantly & automatically updated.

PAS will continue to work with Waterplan to consolidate NBS projects data, adding new projects open to funding so that companies can manage and reach their long-term sustainability goals.