The best tool to run an effective Climate Water Plan

The world’s leading all-in-one climate platform to Measure, Respond and Report your increasingly changing water risk.


Continuously monitor worldwide catchment water-related risks with up to site-level resolution.

Map your sites & locations

Waterplan has built and developed a Risk Framework to track multiple indicators around different types of water-related risk worldwide.

Near real-time risk monitoring

Our risk information is updated in a monthly basis, being one of the most accurate in the market when comparing to other paid and free-services.

Satellite Imagery & Meteorological Data

Waterplan’s Risk Framework combines several standard sources like existing flood and drought indices, and importantly, key, novel methodologies for analysing and interpreting like those from NASA satellites like GRACE.

Reported Supply & Demand

Waterplan reports on the total demand for water within a given catchment and the total water supply; of both surface and groundwater. The supply and demand balance index can be used to measure trends in water availability and the capacity of the catchment to meet future water needs.

IPCC Climate Projections

Waterplan’s platform allows its users to view the latest climate projections shared by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This feature enables the user to select different variables, climate scenarios, and time periods.

Trend and historical analysis

Waterplan keeps a historical tab of the scores given by the different water-related risks since the user joined the platform. The trend analysis allows the user to track the evolution of any changes, offering insights into their exposure and progress in mitigating these risks.

Media Analysis

Waterplan automatically analyses local media mentions and sentiment related to main water risks (scarcity, flooding and quality) to continously understand community perception.

Public Local Data

Waterplan Scans and collects historical data from scientific, watershed authority, utility, industry, agricultural and government reports of the area. This information is processed by a local water expert.

Facility Local Data

Waterplan incorporates qualitative and quantitative site data to particularize the analysis around risk exposure and financial quantification.


Once risks have been measured, Waterplan will find the most suitable responses to build adaptation and resilience towards them.

Identify response opportunities

Plan climate water strategies with a deeper understanding of how your facilities and suppliers are exposed to water risk. You are guided through potential business responses to risk with the support and backing of our team whenever you need it.

Build your business case for water

Using financial scenarios, you are able to estimate how water risk impacts your revenue and costs, allowing you to approximate the ROI of potential response opportunities.


Improve transparency and inform your progress towards water-security.

Integrated Reporting

Export Waterplan's science-backed data for use in investor-recognized reports. Waterplan is aligned to CDP, TCFD, SASB, AWS and GRI global standards.

Everything within the platform

From data-collection to reports, Waterplan offers a library of documents. Real accessibility and easiness to find all the information needed, for the company, sites and catchments.

Customized Assessment

Quarterly, Waterplan’s water experts build a customized executive summary report containing key insights and key actions for the company

Hydrologic Modelling

Waterplan implements and calibrates a localized model to understand hydrologic components of the catchment with much more granularity (micro-basin).