Your journey to
water resilience

The world’s leading climate platform to measure, respond, report and monitor your increasingly changing water risk.


Understand, quantify & prioritize
your water risks, quickly.

Water risk quantification using leading technology & climate science

The Waterplan platform combines operational and local basin data to precisely quantify water risk and your exposure to it. We measure your value at risk using continuously updated models for food & beverage, materials, energy and other water-intensive industries.
Waterplan centralizes and streamlines the water data collection process using remote sensing technologies and local data from academic research, company reports, NGO and government publications.

Focus on what matters the most, where it matters the most

Your company will be able to prioritize the risk it faces at an operational level and at a supplier level. Understand which types of risk drivers could have the highest impact, so you can plan your responses to potential risk scenarios accordingly.

Easy to integrate,
easy to understand

We help you bring into Waterplan all the necessary information to measure and monitor your water footprint and climate water risks, guiding you through the whole onboarding process. In just weeks, you will have a continuously updated and easy-to-understand dashboard that measures your footprint, risk and potential responses to monitor and share.


Proactively protect your operations
and adapt to water risk

Identify response opportunities

Plan climate water strategies with a deeper understanding of how your facilities and suppliers are exposed to water risk. You are guided through potential business responses to risk with the support and backing of our team whenever you need it.

Build your business case for water

Using financial scenarios, you are able to estimate how water risk impacts your revenue and costs, allowing you to approximate the ROI of potential response opportunities.


Share your water maturity.

Enhanced reporting for different stakeholders

Export Waterplan's science-backed data for use in investor-recognized reports. Waterplan is aligned to CDP, TCFD, SASB, AWS and GRI global standards. Use Waterplan to create your CDP Water Security report directly from the platform and with the help of our water expert team.


Access up-to-date tracking and
insights reflecting fast-changing
water risk realities.

Continuous monitoring

View continuously updated watershed information generated using a combination of remote sensing and publicly available data. Receive new insights and opportunities as soon as they become available, and gain peace of mind that you are monitoring the main risks.

Increase business resiliency

Set and plan new strategies as new information becomes available in this new changing reality. Ensure your business is always on a path towards business resiliency by mitigating against potential risks as soon as they become apparent.