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Corporate Water Program

Linda works as a VP of Sustainability in a multinational company in the food and beverage industry.
Responsability: ensuring sustainble business continuity on a global level
To do so, she needs to continuously detect water risk changes to prioritize responses, targets, and investments across all their assets.
Linda, VP of Sustainability

Main Problems

Water is a key component of the production process of her company. And Linda is aware that water risks are increasingly accelerating.
The necessary data is not available at the frequency, granularity, scale and cost effectiveness to handle her responsibilities worldwide.
Manually combining these datasets at a global scale is both error prone and time consuming.
As a result, proactively detecting and acting upon a change in risk exposure becomes extremely complex.

How Linda uses Waterplan

Linda decides to use Waterplan as the all-in-one platform to measure her company's water risk exposure, prioritize locations, report, and decide how to respond.
All-in-one platform
Linda can monitor the local dynamics of water with high granularity and monthly updates across the globe.
Prioritize Locations
Thus, she can continuously detect hotspots of water related risks and decide which type of responses and targets are appropriate for each location. Recommendations are provided through Waterplan’s platform.
Decide how to respond
Once the response type has been defined, Linda can start working on either outside or inside the fence responses with her colleagues, also using Waterplan.

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