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Site Water Resiliency

Mike is the Regional EHS Manager of America, working closely with Linda and with Arthur, VP of Operations.
Main Responsibility: ensure business continuity in the locations under his scope, avoiding temporal or permanent disruptions on the operations either on the short or the long term.
To do so, Mike interacts with the plant managers of the prioritized locations according to Linda and Arthur’s inputs.
Mike, Regional EHS Manager

Main Problems

Risks are different for every plant and every location, so he hires a consultant company to run a local vulnerability assessment.
Local studies reflect a moment in time, not continuously changing local water dynamics. They are time consuming and hard to quickly scale across various locations.
Quantifying risks from a financial perspective to justify an investment decision is hard work, as it requires custom and manual work, which is tedious, time consuming and error-prone.

How Mike uses Waterplan

Today, Mike uses Waterplan to build the business case for water, determining the cost of inaction and the cost of action, and creating a water plan of responses that are justifiable from a ROI and feasibility perspective.
Priorities and Hotspots
Mike can easily share the regional water dynamics across his company. This creates alignment on the priorities and hotspot locations.
Site-Level Data
Mike integrates all their site-level data into Waterplan's Platform, and Waterplan combines it with the local monitoring.
Financial Quantification
Then, risks are financially quantified according to each site’s reality. Tailored responses are proposed to both reduce the site’s water-footprint and ensure business continuity.

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