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Water Stewardship

John is the Sustainability Manager of Water and Climate, working closely with Linda.
Main Responsibility: ensure that the company meets the 2030 sustainability commitment around water that was publicly disclosed.
To do so, John needs to find and invest in the most impactful and cost-effective interventions. These interventions are selected according to the level of water-risk exposure and particular stressors for each watershed in which the company is operating. With this, John expects to improve both the watershed and the local communities' conditions.
John, Sustainability Manager

Main Problems

John is aware that he will need to scale this process to reach the target, moving from 10 interventions a year in a single country, to over 100 interventions world-wide. And the current process does not scale.
Finding the appropriate implementation partners and interventions is particularly difficult in locations where data access is limited and hard to obtain.
Access to high-resolution local water risk data is costly, and the sourcing process for partners and fundable projects is tortuous and time-consuming.
In addition, complex communication and interaction between stakeholders make this a cumbersome and challenging process.

How John uses Waterplan

To solve this problem, John uses Waterplan as the platform to run the end-to-end process at scale.
All-in-one platform
Both Linda and John are aligned on how targets are set and might change as they interact using the same platform. Thus, deciding and communicating on which projects make sense to fund in every region is smoother.
Prioritize Locations
John tracks all his interventions within Waterplan, where he can find partners that have projects to fund in those locations where he is not meeting the target.
Decide how to respond
John monitors and receives updates on every intervention on her portfolio directly in the platform. He can manage both the detailed and the overview portfolio, and communicate with Linda on the progress and strategic decision making from a company priority perspective.

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