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Water resilience

Freshwater challenges are increasingly accelerating

Disruptions are getting more frequent. The world is simply not responding at the pace and the scale that is consistent with the problem.

Global shortfall in
freshwater by 2030
Financial value at risk
from water-related issues
is the cost of inaction
in Water Security.

Everything you need to conduct
a world-class water plan

Quantify your risk and find your business case for water.

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What our customers say

Will Hewes 

Global Lead, Water Sustainability, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
"They’ve got tools that help us on that water risk assessment side. What are the critical issues in that basin? Whom should we be engaging with? How should we be thinking about the water challenges? It really aligns well with what we do"

Nobuyoshi Takiguchi

VP, Strategy & Innovation, Kurita America Holdings Inc.
"We collaborate with WaterPlan in pursuit of Next-Gen Water Management. I was impressed with Waterplan's solution for managing water risk across multiple facilities. We are excited to continue our partnership and see what new solutions they come up with next."

Jehanne Fabre

Sustainability Water Director, Danone
"We are using Waterplan in two locations. The application is important for understanding water risk related to specific watersheds; then, we can determine if the risk is material. The software is helping Danone assess potential adaptation or mitigation strategies and will also be used as a platform to understand exposure to water-related risks for the Operations and Supply Chains of several companies. This is the first time an exercise of this kind is done, promising larger scale of interventions and hence more benefits to the environment."

Ernest Barcelo

Former Vice President Sustainability, Omya
"As a company, the preservation of natural resources is one of our key priorities in our long-term sustainability plan. Water is essential for us, and Waterplan platform allows us to monitor and report our efforts in a more granular and up to date way, driving action and better decisions to enhance resiliency in our operations & work more sustainably in our priority basins"

Some of our advisors

Greg Koch
Former Global Water Leader, Coca Cola
Jay Famiglietti
Former NASA Senior Water Scientist / USask Executive Director / Science Communicator
Todd Reeve
CEO of Bonneville Enviromental Foundation
Betsy Otto
Former Water Initiative Director at World Resources Institute (WRI)
Gonzalo Delacámara
Senior Water PolicyAdvisor to the European Commision, UN, OECD,World Bank Group
Paul Fleming
Former Global Water Leader, Microsoft Company
Benjamín Zaitchik
Lead Geospatial Hydro-logistic, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at John Hopkins University and NASA
Mitz Banarjee
Former EVP and Chief Customer Officer at Workiva (NYSE:WK)

Some of our investors

David Helgason
Founder, Unity
Software (NYSE: U)
Leonardo DiCaprio
Actor and
Holly Branson
Chief Purpose and
Vision Officer at Virgin
Mike Olson
Founder, Cloudera
Silicon Valley Pioneer
Manu Ginobili
Former NBA player &
Olympic gold medalist

Some of our backers

Reduce your water risk and boost business resilience.

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