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Upcoming webinar July 23rd


Upcoming webinar: Setting corporate water targets & the role of technology


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Our fully remote team is hiring across the world and we'd love for you to join our incredible mission.

What drives us

If you’re here, you know our world needs our help.

With the advancements in technology, the goal of a water-secure world is closer than ever before. Data, AI, machine learning, and Waterplan's proprietary risk framework will all be instrumental in saving our planet. 

But if we are to commit to this mission, we must put in hard work to lead the change. That is what we are doing at Waterplan: using top technology and enhancing top talent to take action. Our team members come from the fields of science, tech, academia, industry, and more. Together, we look forward to creating significant change in the way we think about water.

When it comes to making a long-lasting, positive impact, joining Waterplan is the obvious answer.

Meet the founding team

“When I began studying medicine, starting a tech company was the last thing on my mind. But seeing patients and communities facing waterborne diseases created a spark. A spark that, years later, led to Waterplan, where we provide Fortune 500 companies an effective climate water plan to achieve their sustainability goals, rippling into a water secure world.”

Nicolas Wertheimer

Co-Founder & CSO

“True success is bringing about a massive change to the world that will have a lasting impact. Using technology to help solve a critical problem for all of humanity is motivating like nothing I’ve done before in my career.”

Jose Ignacio Galindo

Co-Founder & CEO

“Scaling organizations with quality talent and mission-oriented folks while creating a positive working environment is what fuels me. Jumping on board with the Waterplan founding team was a no brainer”

Olivia Cesio

Co-Founder & COO

“Being part of the Waterplan founding team is a very purposeful and positive use of the knowledge I’ve gained in my engineering career. Not only am I challenged personally and professionally to create a high-quality product, but I am also fulfilled knowing I am part of a company creating a major change for the better”

Matias Comercio

Co-Founder & CPO

Meet the Waterplanners

A worldwide team for a worldwide issue.

At Waterplan, you will have the chance to work at the forefront of our industry. Our mission orients our business strategy and pushes us to work with a sense of urgency.

Climate change affects us all, regardless of race, age, ability, sexuality, gender identity, ethnicity, nationality, and class background. We are united in our mission and passion to accelerate the transition to achieve water security.

"With over 20 years of experience in water sustainability, stepping into my role at Waterplan was like slipping into a well-loved pair of hiking shoes for an incredible journey! I'm so glad I can use my experiences and knowledge in a collaborative team to help a company dedicated to ensuring water security."

Jennifer Heymann

Senior Water Advisor

"I am delighted to bring all the learnings from my academic career to the Waterplan team. As Senior Scientist, I contribute to the advancement of our team's vision by comprehending the connections between hydrological processes and their implications for life on Earth. "

Chinchu Mohan

Senior Scientist

At Waterplan, I get to use my skills as a software engineer and solutions architect to help create a sustainable water future. By designing and developing innovative and scalable solutions that optimize water management, I can contribute to building a water-secure world. It’s a rewarding opportunity to use my past experience to make a positive impact on the environment and society.

Matias De Santi

Head of Engineering

Our Core Values




Make others

What to expect

We encourage and empower all collaborators to take ownership and be proactive: Waterplanners act, they don’t wait.

We embrace growth - At Waterplan, your fellow collaborators will be from all walks of life and we all grow together towards a common goal.

Monthly team events - connecting with Waterplanners helps us support each other on this challenging but important journey.

Fully remote work - whether it’s your home, a co-working spot, the beach, or a desert, you can work from anywhere!

Flexible working hours - you can plan your schedule around your life while helping us save our planet. ​​

Tech Allowance - we want you to have the best tools at your disposal so you can dedicate yourself to the mission.

Monthly Cowork and Wifi Allowance - WiFi is a need, not an optional, and we’re happy to contribute to it for you as well as contributing with a co-working space accommodation.

Time-off as-needed vacation policy.

Generous parental leave policy.

What are you waiting for?
Become part of the change

What are you waiting for?
Become part of the change

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2193 Fillmore St, San Francisco CA 94115

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2193 Fillmore St, San Francisco CA 94115

© 2024 Climateplan Inc. All rights reserved